mya larose

Before I talk about my books, I would like the give you an introduction about myself. Don’t you worry, it's going to be a very short one. Well! What can I say? Born in Turkey in the eighties, educated in France, studied in cambridge university. I’m a thirty-three year old youngish woman living in northern Ireland, now, with my wonderful Northern Irish husband as well as my children (boy 23, two girls 8 and 2 and a wee granddaughter). I was always attracted to books since I could remember. As I grew “older” my love for books followed. I always wanted to write but I had this fear of refusal. Putting my phobia aside, I pulled my big girls knickers on and started to write six months ago. Yes! Only six months ago. It wasn’t long before I decided to try my hand at getting it published. I couldn't describe what I felt when I learned that my first book was going to be published in june and my second in july. Since then, I'm working on two more manuscripts